The US team defeated Iran 1-0 and qualified as second place in Group B

11/30/2022 4:25:31 AM

Qatar World Cup Group B matches are all over. The United States defeated Iran 1-0 and entered the round of 16 with England.

After losing 0:1 to the US team, the Iranian team lost the qualification to advance to the knockout round. The Iranian team, which was ranked second in the group before, only needed a draw to maintain the lead over the US team in points, but eventually lost a good game.

The US team took the initiative in the first half. In the 38th minute, Durst assisted with a header and Pulisic scored the only goal of the game.

After entering the second half, the Iranian team gradually stepped up their offensive. In the 64th minute, the Iranian team played a wonderful cooperation in the opponent's penalty area, but Gudos' shot went slightly wide.

In the last half hour of the game, the Iranian team created many chances, but failed to score any goals. In stoppage time, the Iranian team made a free kick in the frontcourt, and Praliganji's header was slightly above the crossbar. In the next attack, the Iranian players believed that the US team fouled in the penalty area, but the referee did not award a penalty.

The score of 1:0 was finally maintained until the end. With this victory, the US team with 5 points has qualified as the second place in this group.

In the match between England and Wales, the Three Lions were fully fired in the second half. Rashford scored two goals alone, and Foden also scored one goal. With this 3:0 victory, the England team with 7 points entered the round of 16 as the top of Group B.