Belgium bans national lottery from running betting ads during World Cup

12/1/2022 2:23:09 PM

According to European media reports on November 23, the World Cup in Qatar began on November 20, but the Belgian National Lottery was unable to place advertisements related to sports betting during the World Cup. It turned out that the Belgian Federal Finance Minister Vincent Van Petegrem, who is in charge of the National Lottery, made a decision: During the World Cup in Qatar, the National Lottery Agency shall not place advertisements on radio, television and newspapers related to sports betting.

Traditionally, during the World Cup, more people will seek to participate in sports betting. In order to protect lottery buyers and avoid gambling addiction, VanPeteghem decided to implement this policy. "The Belgian National Lottery is duty-bound to protect lottery buyers and prevent gambling addiction," the official said in a news report on November 20. "During the World Cup, the first thing is the sport itself and its The experience of supporters. Radio, newspapers, and television should not broadcast or report content and advertisements related to sports betting."

When facing the news media, he said with certainty: "Sports betting-related advertisements must not be placed on these channels. The Belgian National Lottery has set a good example in this regard."

According to statistics, during the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Belgian Gaming Commission found that half of the newly registered bettors participated in sports betting for the first time. In view of the increasing number of new punters participating in World Cup betting advertisements, the Belgian National Lottery has been ordered not to place sports betting advertisements on radio, television, and newspapers during the World Cup in Qatar.

VanPeteghem also assured that the Belgian National Lottery will continue to play a leading role in preventing gambling addiction and providing a safer gaming environment for lottery buyers in the future, including further reducing the lottery limit and deposit limit, limiting the relevant sponsorship and advertise. He concluded by saying that he would soon be presenting the measures he intends to take to achieve the above goals in his National Lottery Policy Letter to Parliament.