10 World Cup teams have entered the knockout round, 9 teams have been eliminated, and Australia has temporarily become the "only seedling" of the AFC

12/1/2022 2:27:33 PM

The World Cup in Qatar ended all competition between Groups C and D, and three more teams qualified from the group. At present, 10 seats in the top 16 of this World Cup have been produced, and 9 teams have been eliminated at the same time.

In Group C, Argentina beat Poland 2-0 and Mexico beat Saudi Arabia 2-1. In the end, Argentina had 2 wins and 1 loss, ranking first in the group with 6 points. Poland and Mexico both scored 4 points. Poland relied on the advantage of goal difference to get the promotion spot. Mexico ranked third and was unfortunately eliminated. Saudi Arabia ranked fourth with 3 points.

In the group D match, the French team, which had already qualified ahead of schedule, rotated their lineup. In the end, they lost 0-1 to Tunisia, and Australia defeated the European powerhouse Denmark 1-0 in another game. In the end, the French team scored 6 points and ranked first in the group with a goal difference advantage. Australia ranked second with 6 points. They became the only AFC team that has advanced so far. Tunisia ranked third with 4 points , Denmark ranked bottom with only 1 point.

So far, 10 seats in the top 16 of this World Cup have been produced. Among them, 5 European teams are the Netherlands, France, England, Portugal, and Poland; the South American teams are Brazil and Argentina; the remaining 3 teams are the United States, Senegal, and Australia. The number of eliminated teams reached 9, including Denmark, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Qatar, Ecuador, Iran, Wales, and Canada.