World Cup latest odds list

12/8/2022 11:23:37 AM

European bookmakers have issued the latest winning odds based on the group stage record of the top eight teams and their performance in the quarter-finals. Although the odds vary slightly between companies, the basic positions are the same. The Brazilian team is currently the first favorite to win the championship at 2.75 to 1, the French team is second, and the Portuguese team is third.

The Croatian team is a team that entered the quarter-finals with a penalty shootout, and its personnel composition is slightly aging. The opponent in the quarter-finals is the Brazilian team, so they are listed at the bottom of the championship list, and the odds are 1 34.00, the least favored, the odds are even higher than the Morocco team, which was shortlisted for the first time.

Ranked seventh is the Morocco team. In the four games so far, the Morocco team has only conceded an own goal. With a tenacious defense, a strong style, and a goalkeeper who is good at saving penalties, the Morocco team beat the Croatian team at odds of 29.00 to 1. Ranked sixth is the Dutch team with an odds of 15.00 to 1. They qualified from the weakest group. They won the quarter-finals against the weak US team, so they are not highly regarded.

England, Argentina and Portugal all have the same odds of winning at 7.00 to 1. The England team showed a strong offensive power. Except for a tie with the US team in the group stage, they beat their opponents by more than 3 goals in the other three games. Considering that the next opponent is the defending champion France, the championship ranking failed to enter the top three.

The Argentine team has the world's top star Messi, but only defeated the Australian team 2-1 in the quarter-finals, and also lost to the Saudi team 1-2 in the group stage. The Portuguese team has never reached such a height in the championship list before the start of this competition. It even lost to the South Korean team in the final round of the group stage. But the wonderful performance in the quarter-finals has greatly increased the enthusiasm of the Portuguese team.

Ranked second on the championship list is the defending champion France, with odds as low as 5.00 to 1, which is in line with their positioning. Brazil is the most popular team to win the championship. They were one of the favorites before the start of the game. After beating South Korea 4-1 in the quarter-finals and having the experience of easily scoring four goals in the first half, Neymar Returning from injury, it seems logical that the Samba Army ranks first in the championship odds list. The odds of winning the championship are 2.75 to 1.

While updating the odds of the team winning the championship, the major European bookmakers re-given the odds for the players to win the Golden Boot. French striker Mbappe, who has scored 5 goals, currently tops the list at 1.57 per 1. Mbappe's idol, C, who currently holds the record for the most goals in a personal and national team, is listed at 12th.

Ranked second in the Golden Boot odds list is the Brazilian player Richarlison, with odds of 7.5 to 1. He has currently scored three goals. In third place is Messi, who also scored three goals and is 11 to 1 to win the Golden Boot.

Ranked fourth to eighth are France's Giroud, Holland's Gakpo, England's Rashford, Portugal's rookie Gonzalo Ramos, England's Saka, the above players All have scored three goals, and the odds range from 19 to 1 to 34. Ranked 12th is Cristiano Ronaldo and B Fee from the Portuguese team, and the odds are 67 to 1. Ronaldo only scored a penalty in the game against Ghana, and lost his starting position in the quarter-finals. It is basically hopeless to win the Golden Boot. However, Ronaldo has scored in five World Cup appearances and is currently the only player in World Cup history to do so.