World Cup Betting: France vs Morocco

12/14/2022 4:32:41 AM

World Cup Betting: France vs Morocco

       Venue: Gulf Stadium

       French side:

       In the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the much-anticipated "British and French War" was staged, and the defending champion had the last laugh. Relying on Chuameni's long-range shot and Giroud's header, the "Gallic Rooster" defeated England 2:1 and advanced to the semi-finals for two consecutive World Cups. This is also the seventh time in the history of the French team that they have reached the semi-finals! In addition to the top star Mbappe, Giroud and Griezmann are also in good form in this World Cup, and the team's midfield is also full of talents. After passing the difficulty of the "Three Lions", the French team has taken another crucial step towards the Hercules Cup. They will face the "super dark horse" Morocco in the semifinals, in which Mbappe will face Paris teammate Ashraf.

       For Morocco:

       The African team Morocco continued to advance on the "dark horse" road. They made history again in the quarter-finals, defeating the Portuguese team led by top star Cristiano Ronaldo 1:0, becoming the first African team to enter the top four of the World Cup. Although the world ranking, card strength and other aspects are not as good as the "Five Shields", the solid defense of the Moroccan team still makes the Portuguese team helpless. So far, the only goal conceded by the Moroccan team in this cup is an own goal against the Canadian team in the group stage. They even managed to keep the goal in the penalty shootout in the 1/8 finals, which can be called the strongest "shield". ". It is said that "winning the championship depends on defense", can the Moroccan team create greater miracles in the future?