France 2:0 Morocco and Argentina meet in World Cup final

12/15/2022 11:17:14 AM

Following the Argentina team, another team that entered the Qatar World Cup final was born this morning Beijing time. The "dark horse" Morocco failed to stop the French team's defending footsteps, and they eventually lost 0:2. With the goals of Special Olympics and Mouani, the French team entered the finals of the World Cup for two consecutive times, and the "Gallic Rooster" will compete with the "Pampas Eagle" for the championship.

On one side is the French attack group led by Mbappe, and on the other is the Moroccan defense line commanded by Seth. This is a contest of spear and shield. Although the defending champion France is more optimistic, Morocco, which has eliminated Spain and Portugal in succession, has proved that they have the strength to compete with traditional strong teams.

Facing the French team with outstanding offensive firepower, Morocco coach Regeraj took the initiative to change and changed to a five-back formation in an attempt to limit the performance of Mbappé and others.

In the starting list originally announced by the Moroccan team, the main central defender Agold, who missed the game due to injury, returned. However, before the start of the semi-finals, his place was finally replaced by Dari. Injuries have become "time bombs" buried in Morocco's steel defense line.

Shortly after the opening, the Moroccan team suffered a "head blow". In the 5th minute, Eljamik made a mistake in the defense, and Griezmann got a chance to pass calmly. Theo Hernandez got France off to a fantastic start with a goal from a melee in the box.

The score is behind, which is a new challenge for the Moroccan team. As of the semi-finals, they were the only team in this cup that had not been scored by opposing players, and they had never been behind. The only goal Morocco conceded was an "own goal" against Canada in the group stage.

For a team based on defense, the impact of conceding the ball prematurely is self-evident. However, misfortunes never come singly, the Moroccan team was hit again in the 20th minute, captain Seth was substituted due to injury.

As the backbone of the defense, Seth suffered a thigh injury in the game against Spain. In the last round, he persisted with injuries and was finally carried out on a stretcher.

"Even if there is only one leg left, I am willing to play." Before the semi-finals, Seth showed his steely fighting spirit. However, lingering injuries prevented him from continuing to help the team advance on the field.

Lost generals before the battle, the pre-match arrangement failed, lost the ball shortly after the start, and the captain left the field due to injury... Faced with heavy blows, the Moroccan team, with many main players fighting with injuries, was not discouraged. They used another method other than defense to fight again. Demonstrated the tenacity of the team.

In the second half of the first half, the Moroccan team, which gradually stabilized the situation, began to strengthen their offense. Before the end of halftime, Morocco got consecutive opportunities to set the ball in the frontcourt, and the French team was once in a panic in the penalty area. In the 44th minute, Eryamik's barb shot hit the post, and Morocco missed a good opportunity to equalize the score.

Entering the second half, rich experience became the key to the French team winning the game. Facing the desperate Morocco, France coach Didier Deschamps adjusted his lineup based on the tactical concept of solid defense and strengthening counterattacks, which hit the nail on the head.

In the 79th minute, Mbappe made a threat through continuous passing. Mouani, who had only been on the stage for 30 seconds, pushed and scored in the chaotic battle. The score was rewritten to 2:0. The goal that sealed the victory sent the defending champions to the final.

As the final whistle sounded, the French team became another European team that entered the finals of two consecutive World Cups after Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.

Although the Moroccan team stopped in the semi-finals, as the biggest "dark horse" of this cup, this team reached the semi-finals relying on their indestructible fighting spirit and firm belief. They wrote a new chapter in the history of African football and let the outside world I saw the infinite possibilities of African football.

Who will win the Hercules Cup?

With the end of the semi-final stage, there are only the last two games left in the total of 64 games in this World Cup. Croatia and Morocco will compete for third place, while the winner will be produced between Argentina and France.

17th Third place match: Croatia vs. Morocco

18th final Argentina vs France

In the next two days, the Qatar World Cup will once again enter the off-season. Whether the new king of Argentina ascends the throne, or the French team defends the title as they wish, the biggest suspense of this cup will be revealed soon.