Popular UEFA Euro betting options

4/29/2024 1:17:34 PM

Popular UEFA Euro betting options


For such a large and prestigious European Championship, oddsmakers and easywin sportsbook offer a huge range of football betting opportunities and Euro Cup betting odds for every match during the month-long event.

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First, let’s take a look at some of the popular Euros betting options and where we can bet on Euro 2024.

European Cup odds

While a common bet in football is the three-way moneyline bet, we only outline the regular moneyline bet types as many sportsbooks will not offer a draw option for the European Championships - as every match needs to have a winner.

It depends on the sportsbook you use – they may offer a draw option at the end of the 90 minutes of regular time. This scenario is extremely unlikely, and with the high football odds, we're not sure it's a good bet - so we're sticking with a two-team moneyline.

You'll see two moneyline options - with two teams in play: the favored team and the underdog. Your task is to decide which team will win the match outright.