European Championship Group: Italy's Death Group, both England and France are easy to sign, Cristiano Ronaldo is "satisfied"

4/29/2024 2:41:51 PM

The draw ceremony for the 2024 European Championship in Germany was officially held this morning. As expected, the defending champions of the previous season fell into fourth place in Italy, creating a group of deaths. They were grouped with Spain, Croatia, and Albania, making it the theoretically most difficult group to advance to this tournament. It should be said that this is unfavorable news for the Blue Army.
Italy wants to create another record of shame?

2024 European Championship in Germany
After all, facing such a strong opponent despite their recent poor performance, it is a big question mark whether they can advance from the group stage. In recent years, their performance in major competitions and qualifiers has been very poor. If they were forced out with the defending champion's results, they would indeed create another very disgraceful record.
However, many famous Italian stars are still cheering the team, as legendary goalkeeper Buffon has mentioned. For Italy, it doesn't make much difference which group they enter, they just need to present their own level. No one dares to underestimate them in any competition. This is true. The situation in the 2020 European Championship and the 2006 World Cup was similar, as they both won the championship on the basis of not being favored. However, does Spalletti have the abilities of Lippi and Mancini?
The German team is under a lot of pressure
In Group A, the host team Germany, Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland were grouped together. Although this group does not have an absolute strong team in the traditional sense except for Germany, the remaining three teams are also relatively close in strength. For Germans who are also struggling in recent times, it is important to maintain good performance and not embarrass themselves at home. Otherwise, all three teams may create a niche. The President of the German Football Association and the head coach team are also not careless, after all, after being educated by Japan, their rankings are still in a downward range!
The situation of the playoffs is shown in the figure:
English and French are relatively relaxed
England in Group C were relatively relaxed as they faced teams from Serbia, Denmark, and Slovenia. The probability of partnering with Serbia to advance is relatively high, after all, Slovenia and Denmark are not considered strong teams, and currently, they ultimately lack reliable personnel support. For England, the group stage is just a warm-up match, and what they want is definitely to win the championship trophy and break through with Kane.
In Group D, England's old opponents, France, were grouped together with the Netherlands and Austria. In addition, there is a winner in the playoff group A, which is relatively difficult compared to other top clubs such as France and the Netherlands. Austria can also create certain risks. The main opportunity lies in the Netherlands' own performance, as long as they maintain the state of Qatar, there may still be a lot of room for advancement.
A herd of heroes vying for deer
The remaining E and F groups are basically in a clear state of strength. In Group E, Belgium is naturally the leader. The winners of Slovakia, Romania, and the playoff group D have relatively mediocre strength. Portugal, led by Ronaldo, is naturally the best in Group F, followed by Türkiye and the Czech Republic, and the winners of the play off Group C.
Based on the actual draw results of these six groups, it can be seen that there is basically no major problem for the expected top clubs to advance to England, France, and Portugal. Starting from the round of 16 knockout stage, the frequency of two matches per day is relatively friendly for veteran players. This is good news for the CEO who is determined to lead the team to create success again.
When Mbappe, who is full of desire, meets Kane, who is extremely eager to win trophies, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who is still pursuing his dreams, next year's European Championship will surely shine with stars, which is also what many fans of the green field want to see.