The roster for the 2024 European Cup has been expanded from 23 to 26 people.

5/4/2024 3:21:25 PM

According to French media RMC Sport, the UEFA Executive Committee decided to expand the roster for the 2024 European Cup from 23 to 26 based on the recommendations of the national team competition committees.


The UEFA Executive Committee has finally decided on the number of players that each national team can call up for the 2024 European Cup. Each country needs to draft at least 23 players and can draft up to 26 players. All players can appear on the match list, and everyone also has the opportunity to sit on the bench, but the number of bench seats will not be increased. Therefore, whether the position can be freed depends on the situation of each team. But no players will be in the stands.

This decision is in line with the recommendations made by the competition committee on April 22, local time. The committee voted by a very slim majority to expand the entry list from 23 to 26 people. At the time, French Football Federation president Philippe Diallo defended keeping the roster at 23, a stance that was also consistent with France coach Didier Deschamps. Deschamps once lamented that rosters exceeding 23 would force coaches to keep some players in the stands rather than on the bench.


Deschamps called up 26 players for the World Cup. At the last World Cup in Qatar, the national team had the right to add three players to the squad. Deschamps took advantage of this right, selecting 25 players, and then added Marcus Thuram to the squad. Reach 26 players. Deschamps also said that the 26-man roster also has some difficulties in training, especially in group matches within the team.


The UEFA Executive Committee was supposed to make a decision no later than June 7, local time, but in the end it was made much earlier. French media said that this is a godsend opportunity for Deschamps and other coaches. They originally planned to announce the roster in early May, and the French team is scheduled to be on May 16, local time. However, Deschamps should be satisfied with the current decision, because his request is that if the number of players on the roster increases, the extra players should not sit in the stands.