What matches can you bet on during the first match day of the European Championship?

5/13/2024 3:16:17 PM

Let's take a look at the schedule for the 2024 European Championship this summer.

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2024 European Championship Schedule

June 15th 03:00 Germany vs Scotland

June 15th 03:00 Hungary vs Switzerland

June 16th 00:00 Spain vs Croatia

June 16th 03:00 Italy vs Albania

June 16th at 21:00 Poland vs Netherlands

June 17th 00:00 Slovenia vs Denmark

June 17th 03:00 Serbia vs England

June 17th at 21:00 Romania vs Ukraine

June 18th 00:00 Belgium vs Slovakia

June 18th 00:00 Austria vs France

At 00:00 on June 19, Türkiye vs Georgia

June 19th 03:00 Portugal vs Czech Republic

Most of the teams that have qualified for the main round of this European Championship are the strongest in Europe in recent years, but there are also emerging new teams like Georgia and Albania. The addition of fresh blood has also increased the competitiveness of the European Championship and the chance of winning the championship. Everyone is hoping that this European Championship will have a myth like Greece in 2004?

The above is the first match day arrangement of the 2024 European Championship schedule. The first match is undoubtedly scheduled for the host Germany team to face European powerhouse Scotland at home.