How do you play monopoly board game?

4/12/2021 5:32:50 AM

    Play the game easy way:

    Step 1: Open your game.

    Step 2: Read rules.


    Step 1: Play on your PC with yourself/CPU opponent.

    HARD WAY(for me):

    Step 1: Decide if you'll play with auctions or without them, if you'll draw 2-4 properties before the game start, what will be the Pass GO salary, will you get any bonus for free parking.

    Step 2: Divide the money into 15M (if you're playing an older one then divide it into 1500) 2x 5M(500) 4x1M(100)1x500K(50)1x200K(20)2x100K(10)1x50K(5)5x10K(1)

    Step 3:Choose your game figure.

    Step 4: Put your figure at the space called "GO!"

    Step 5: Throw the dice to decide who goes first.

    Step 6: Retrieve the dice.

    Step 7: Whoever starts first throws the dice again.

    Step 8: Step 6 :)

    Step 9 : When you step on a property you can choose to buy it or pass it or if you playing with auctions start an auction.


    If you have a complete group of districts the rent doubles but if you build any houses it doesn't double your rent (for example you have the 3 Yellow districts, normally the rent would be 220/240K(22/24) but if you have all of them and one of them has no houses then the rent is doubled 440/480K(44/48) Building houses removes this doubling effect)

    You can mortgage your districts in order to not go bankrupt - don't forget unmortgaging them costs you the mortgage bonus + 10% of the district's price.

    If your dice both have the same amount of spots (double) then you move and can reroll the dice afterwards (you roll 10 (5+5) you can roll next time)

    If you roll a double 3 times in a row or if you roll a double and land on  "go to jail" you don't get another turn.

    If you are in jail the only thing you can do is roll the dice/receive rent/pay fine to get out/use the "get out of jail" card. You can't pay your fine/get out of jail after rolling the dice you can do it before ending your turn though.

    You might allow trading with other players.

    Chance has the most negative cards but its positive cards are better :) (If you're playing a game where there is only chance then this is pointless :D)

    I think there are more but I'm just so ****ing tired I can't name them all.