Betting companies in Nigeria has provided more employ- ment opportunities

4/15/2021 6:42:55 AM

    The expansion of betting companies operating in Nigeria has provided more employ- ment opportunities, with thousands of the citizens working for both the local and foreign companies. Apart from employing Nigerians into their offices, betting companies also create jobs by inviting people to become agents and own physical outlets.

    These outlets have become very prevalent in Nigeria, and have provided an excellent source of incomes for their owners. The shop owners also have their own employees, who earn their small share from the sports betting jackpots.

    Just as football viewing centres sprung up in the wake of the foreign football obsession in the country, so also is the rise in sports betting generated employment opportunities for people. It is now commonplace to see shops prominently advertising the major sports betting brands, such as NairaBet and 1960Bet, to mention a few, with store attendants who receive and place bets on behalf of people who still do not trust the online space enough.

    Some enterprising football viewing centres have taken their businesses up a notch by having their bet shops where their customers can place try their luck with their favourite teams and clubs.

    Furthermore, sports betting market is also poised to grow on account of the rising popularity of international sports events around the globe coupled with the increasing popularity of high-end sports such as football, basketball, tennis has gained a lot of.