Which lottery is best in Nigeria? The First Winner Of Naira Power Jackpot

4/16/2021 4:22:43 AM

A trader from Bauchi State, Rabiu Ibrahim became the first ever winner of the ₦ 10 million Naira EasyWin Lotto jackpot.

Presenting the check to the jackpot winner at the Sheraton Lagos Hotel, Ibrahim declared that EasyWin Lotto was truly a life-changing experience as fortune smiled on him more than he thought and sooner than expected.

The award will help boost his mobile phone accessories business and investments in other areas.

31-year-old Ibrahim couldn't hold back tears of joy when he learned he had won a ticket to "Power of Naira". The excitement attracted people in his area. Ibrahim holds a diploma from the Bauchi Abubakar Ali Tatari Institute of Technology.

According to Easywin Lotto City Manager Adewale Aloyinlapa, EasyWin will continue to lead the lottery business as most people consider us reliable and their winnings can be cashed out without problems.

Adewale also said that anyone over the age of 18 can play EasyWin Lotto in different ways. EasyWin partnered with Opay Nigeria. Customers can go to any Opay store to buy their Easywin Lottery to play or buy lottery tickets online through Easywin's official website www.easywin.ng.

'We are giving Nigerians the opportunity to become millionaires directly from their mobile phones,' he said.