Lotto Powerball $50 million jackpot must be won Saturday - should it be split?

4/16/2021 7:30:40 AM

    An outrageous $50 million is up for grabs this Saturday after Wednesday night's $42m Lotto Powerball prize rolled over - and some are questioning why it can't be shared.

    Six lucky players split $1m for First Division last night - but no one clinched the $42m Powerball prize which has surged to $50m this weekend.

    This weekend's draw is the biggest in Lotto's history in New Zealand, and would make a single winner an instant rich-lister.

    This Saturday also happens to fall on February 29 - Leap Day - considered to be very lucky in some parts of the world.

    The winning numbers were: 30, 8, 2, 33, 21, 3, the bonus ball was 13 and the Powerball was 6.

    And indeed it could be hugely lucky for one punter, but imagine just how much it could impact dozens of people if it was split up.

    On the NZ Herald Facebook page overnight, many followers questioned why the $50m could not be split among more people.

    "Imagine the greatness this money could achieve if it went to 50 families," one follower said.

    On a similar theme, a second follower said: "Come on Lotto, drop it down the divisions, 50 families could benefit from $1 million each."

    Another said: "I hope it doesn't go to first division or second and trickles down to third division so a heap of people win! Imagine that for so many families!!!"