Big data predicts the Champions League champion: Manchester City's 55% chance of winning the title far surpasses Real Madrid

4/16/2021 9:01:25 AM

    The Champions League semi-finals were born, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Paris reached the semi-finals. Now a big data platform predicts the Champions League this year.

    Fivethirtyeight platform calculations pointed out that Manchester City is the number one favorite to win the championship. Their probability of qualifying for the final is 81% and the probability of winning the championship is as high as 55%.

    Real Madrid is second, with a 53% chance of advancing to the final and a 20% chance of winning; Chelsea has a 47% chance of advancing to the final and a 17% chance of winning; Paris has 19% chance of advancing to the final and 8% chance of winning.

    The semi-final matches were Chelsea VS Real Madrid, Manchester City VS Paris.