UEFA official announces the final venue of the European Cup

4/26/2021 9:45:30 AM

     UEFA officially announced the postponement of the final host cities and stadiums for the 2020 European Cup held in the summer. On April 9th, it has been confirmed that the previous eight cities can continue to be held. On April 14th, Rome confirmed that at least 25% of each match will be allowed. 17,000 spectators entered the venue. Yesterday, Munich also confirmed that at least 22% of the spectators will be allowed to enter the venue for about 14,500 people; while the two cities of Bilbao, Spain and Dublin, Ireland, were cancelled because they could not guarantee the admission of spectators. Eligibility for the European Cup, the four matches originally scheduled to be played in Bilbao (three group matches and one eighth-final) will be held in the same country’s Seville’s Cartuja Stadium. This stadium will be held. In this year’s Spanish Super Cup final and two consecutive Copa del Rey finals, 30% of the audience will be open to approximately 18,000 per game during the European Cup;

    The three group matches originally scheduled for Dublin were handed over to St. Petersburg (to host six group matches + one quarter-final), and one eighth-final was moved to London (to host three group matches in total) +Two quarter-finals + two semi-finals + finals). So far, the final 11 host cities and schedules of this European Cup have been confirmed. The currently determined stadium capacity of each host city is as follows:

    Budapest: Target capacity is 100%, with strict admission restrictions, and a total capacity of 68,000. Foreign ticket holders are allowed to enter without isolation. The condition is a nucleic acid negative test certificate within five days of entry or a new crown vaccination certificate within six months.

    St. Petersburg: 50% of the capacity, 30,500 spectators per show, foreign ticket holders are under study on the immigration exemption policy.

    Baku: 50% capacity, 34,500 spectators per game. Only foreign spectators from the participating countries Turkey, Switzerland, United Kingdom (Wales) and fans of the quarter-final teams can enter the game. Nucleic acid negative test certificates are required to avoid isolation.

    Amsterdam, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Rome, Seville: 25%-33% capacity, Bucharest is studying a policy of exempting foreign visitors from entering quarantine, requiring a nucleic acid negative test certificate and staying less than three days.

    London: 25% of the capacity for three group matches and one eighth-final, with 22,500 spectators per game; at the beginning of June, it was decided whether the capacity of the two semi-finals and finals could be increased.

    Munich: 22% capacity, 14,500 spectators per game.

    ?Except for the four cities of Budapest, St. Petersburg, Baku, and Bucharest, foreign spectators in other cities must be quarantined in accordance with the local government's epidemic prevention policy if they want to enter the game. The quarantine period is about 10-14 days.

    After determining the final host city, UEFA has also updated its ticketing policy. The previously purchased tickets for the two cities of Bilbao and Dublin that have been disqualified will be automatically cancelled and a full refund will be issued. Those who have purchased these The spectators of the match tickets will get the right to buy the tickets of the corresponding relocation matches; the sale of tickets for the eight matches from the relocation to Seville, St. Petersburg and London will be notified later; except for Munich. The city’s refund window has been closed. At the same time, all Follow My Team tickets will be automatically cancelled and fully refunded. The quota of Follow My Team tickets in the knockout stage will be reserved for fans of participating countries to purchase, if the travel restrictions of the venue allow it. Fans go to watch the game; after the ticket refund deadline, if the number of ticket holders for the game is higher than the capacity of the stadium, UEFA will draw lots in May to determine which ticket orders will be reserved, and if there are too many in the same order All tickets will only be reserved or cancelled in the draw. Ticket sales for the four teams that advanced through the play-offs in Hungary, North Macedonia, Scotland, and Slovakia will begin in early May.