Activate your gift card

Terms and Conditions

1. Limited access (LA) gift cards
• LA gift cards can be redeemed only by adding the gift card amount to your easywin balance (just like a normal deposit).
• LA gift cards adhere to the “Easywin withdrawal of deposited fund rule”, which states that users can only withdraw 80% of the amount deposited, and the remaining 20% must be staked before it can be withdrawn.
• LA gift cards does not need to be activated before it can be redeemed.
2. Full access (FA) gift cards
• Full access (FA) gift cards can be redeemed by either adding the gift card amount to your Easywin balance or exchanging the gift card for physical cash offline.
• FA gift cards are not affected by the “Easywin withdrawal of deposited funds rule”. So gift cards redeemed and added to balance can be withdrawn completely from the balance without any limitations.
• FA gift cards must be activated before they can be redeemed.
3. Each Easywin account can only activate a total of ₦500,000 worth of gift cards, after which you will be required to go through some verification to continue.
4. Easywin reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotional offer at our own discretion.