Activate Gift card
1. Amount received after exchange of gift card will be added to your Easywin balance. you can use it to place bets or withdraw directly.
2. Activated gift cards can be exchanged for direct cash by visiting any of our Easywin offline agent points, and provide the gift card code to them.They can also be withdrawn online directly to your bank account.
3. Every account can only activate a maximum of ₦500,000 worth of gift cards., after which you wil be required to verify your bank information in order to continue exchanging gift cards.
4. ₦5,000 gift cards purchased on easywin can only be used to place bets, ₦5,150 gift cards can be used to place bet or withdrawn directly online to your Easywin online account or offline and receive cash.
when i buy the ₦5,000 gift card, after exchange, the ₦5,000 will be added to my Easywin online account and can be used to place bet.
when i buy the ₦5,150 gift card, this can be exchanged to ₦5,000 to your online Easywin account or go to an offline Easywin agent and exchange for cash.
5. After purchase, cards should be activated first before it can be withdrawn.
6. Easywin reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotional offer at our own discretion.